Internal Blinds



VenetiansVenetians have always been one of Queensland’s favorite. Since their development, Queenslanders have enjoyed their ability to control the light while allowing the breeze to filter in through the open window. With the adjustment of the blades to suit any amount of privacy and airflow. Venetians also enjoy the benefit of lifting the look of the outside of your home by adding the finishing touch to your window.

Allview Blinds & Shutters offer Venetians made from the following materials

  • Timber including Western Red Cedar, Basswood, Hemlock & Phoenixwood
  • Composites Wood
  • PVC or Woodmates
  • Aluminum (internal & External)

Slat sizes range from include 25mm, 46mm, 50mm, 60mm , 63mm & 76mm.

As an added bonus, we can have your timber Venetians painted or stained in any colour from the Dulux Color Range or any custom colour. To customize with your personal touch, we can also add the wide ladder tape with coloured and patterned fabrics.

The options are endless.


Roller BlindsRoller Blinds
Simple, modern window treatment to create a modern look.
Smooth chain operation or motorized roller blinds are ultra contemporary style. With hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from its no wonder these blinds have a practical use in every home. Roller Blinds are available in three levels of light Filtration,

  • View screen – Reduce the heat by 35% and the UV rays by up to 95% and still the ability to keep the view
  • Roller BlindsLight Filtering – Allowing good natural light into the room with still having to maintain privacy.
  • Blockout – Full privacy and full block out view & light.

Can we customize your Roller blind? Yes we can.

With the options of having a blind with a fully enclosed pelment to hide away from the eye. These can be custom painted or covered in the fabric to match to the blind. Chained control colours have the option of Stainless Steel, Chrome nickel, or coloured. Modern look flat bottom rails are currently the look which can be colour match to the chain or with the personal touch of have the fabric insert.

Light into the media room? Now we have the NEW channel roller blind which gives you the total full block out and darkness required for the movies. Ask us today!

The options are endless.


Panel Glides

Panel glides are the perfect way to create a modern look when combined with Romans, Roller, Shutters or Venetians for a slim lined look. Perfect for large glass sliding doors, Panels Glides can have plain panels or decorative panels with timber or aluminum batons. Configurations can be side stacking to the left or the right or centre opening to have the even panel look each side. Pelments can have that finishing touch of a timber coloured finish or even a linear insert pelment to match the fabric.

Panel Glides can also be made from our Sunscreen, Light filtering and Block out Fabrics.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds can add a classic, timeless touch to any décor or for a contemporary look try a vibrant fabric with a bold print. Roman blinds are perfectly suited to Double Hung Windows as the blind sits at the top while the air filters in below.

There are 3 types of Romans,

  • No Pleat - Used for decorative patterns were the pattern cannot be interrupted
  • Classic Style – Pleated with an aluminum extrusion of the back
  • Plantation – has a decorative Timber or Aluminum on the front & back

Choose from either our standard blind fabrics or create a unique look from one of thousands of curtain fabrics in our Library that can be bonded to create your blind.